Every Adorable Photo of Chip and Joanna's Baby, Crew Gaines

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Crew’s early reviews of his mom’s cooking show are in and they are kid approved.

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The two year old is a natural at farming and here’s proof.

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Crew turns two! The little star took a few bites out of his cake to celebrate the day.

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Quality control is a big responsibility but baby Crew is up for the task.

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Too cool! “The sky’s the limit. (Photo and wardrobe credit: Ella Gaines),” the proud mom shared on Instagram.

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Baby Crew is on the move! “Little crew took his 1st steps today,” dad Chip wrote on Instagram to honor the major milestone. “It was a good day!”

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Party on, Crew! “I can’t believe Baby Crew is already ONE! 😭” Joanna writes of his birthday bash. “This joyful, funny, easy-going, sidekick of mine sure is easy to celebrate.”

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Shhh! Joanna says of this photo: “Don’t tell my little office buddy that I’m just now getting around to ordering his birth announcements… one year late is surely better than never, right? In my defense this year has FLOWN by.”

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In honor of Crew’s 1st birthday on June 22, Joanna shares some previously unseen photos. “One year ago. What a gift you are to all of us sweet boy,” she captions this image.

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Big brother snuggles are the best kind of snuggles, as proven by this 1st birthday throwback.

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Sister snuggles, too!

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A proud Chip takes his son home in Joanna’s throwback image.

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“They all look up to you so much @chipgaines You’re the strongest, bravest, funniest, and most loving man they know,” Joanna shares on Father’s Day. “You lead our babies well- Happy Father’s Day!”

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Joanna reveals to fans and followers that Crew’s “current stage of life” is getting into all of the items around the house.

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“Reading time with big brother is his favorite,” Mom writes of a quiet moment between her kiddos.

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Living that Magnolia life! “Silos baby,” Joanna caps this pic.

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Spot those feet! “Taking a stroll through the roses but he’s more impressed with his toes,” Mom shares.

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“So we FINALLY saw #AvengersEndgame.. not sure if we left the theater with Crew or Thanos Jr?” jokes Chip of his decked-out sleeping babe.

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The family’s Easter celebration comes complete with Crew in the garden picking carrots.

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The crew (and Crew!) goes all out for Joanna’s birthday. As she writes on April 19, “Sweet kids surprised me this morning with all my favorites: fresh flowers, hot donuts, breakfast tacos and a pretty color palette.”

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Joanna’s “little squishy” is pretty much the cutest little squishy ever.

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The only kid to show up to Mom’s book reading is really the only one that matters: Crew!

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Looking a little big for the baby bed there, Crew!

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First family vacation: check! Crew and his toys join Mom, Dad and the rest of the Gaines kids for a March 209 visit to Tulum, Mexico.

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Bored in a meeting? We can all relate, Crew!

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Because being close to mom makes any baby oh-so-happy.

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Our hearts! “My very own snow angel,” Mom writes.

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Milestone, check! Crew nails his first-ever passport photo shoot.

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“Chip off the old block,” Dad shares of his little lookalike.

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https://www.instagram.com/p/BsmS9RrHD2R/Joanna Gaines/Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BsmS9RrHD2R/Joanna Gaines/Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BsmS9RrHD2R/Joanna Gaines/Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BsmS9RrHD2R/Joanna Gaines/Instagram imagehttps://www.instagram.com/p/BsmS9RrHD2R/Joanna Gaines/Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BsmS9RrHD2R/Joanna Gaines/Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BsmS9RrHD2R/Joanna Gaines/Instagram

“He’s proud of his first TWO teeth,” Mom writes of Crew’s 6-month photo.

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Smart mama: “I told Crew to distract the guys so the ladies could shop a little longer. 😍 #nyc #fourMenAndAbaby” Mom jokes.

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In announcing her new children’s book, Joanna also gives a peek at cute Crew.

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Pants, please! “I think it’s time for the next size up,” Joanna jokes on Insta.

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In a moving Jan. 1, 2019, post about the year ahead, Joanna adds a photo of Crew holding her hand.

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“All of my dreams have come true,” Joanna wrote of the moment Crew met Santa.

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Cards, anyone? Big sis Ella sets Crew and some plush pals up for a game and impromptu photo shoot. Mom’s thoughts? “This might be my favorite thing ever.”

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Find you someone who looks at you like Crew looks at Joanna.

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Crew and Mom wish everyone a “Happy weekend!” in a smiley, cuddly post.

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Joanna is “thankful” for these two (and her other three!) on Thanksgiving.

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We can’t handle it either, Joanna!

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Leaving the office on a Friday like …

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If this is Crew taking over a meeting, we’ll be right there.

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All he needs is a nameplate.

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That face!

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Couldn’t agree with Mom’s November caption more: “Today’s been a “cancel all your meetings and stay in your sweats” kinda day,” she shares.

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“Look at those 10 little toes.. he doesn’t know it yet, but those tiny feet are going to do amazing things someday. #5 #babyCrew,” Dad writes while melting our hearts.

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Star turn! Crew gets cuddles from Today‘s Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie during a visit to N.Y.C. in November 2018.

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If this is who actually answers the phone at Magnolia guest services, as Dad jokes on Instagram, we’ll be calling right away!

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On a family trip to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in October 2018, Crew “had a blast,” Mom jokes on Instagram.

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What a sweet smile! “Weigh in day at the doctor,” Mom captions this September 2018 photo. “@chipgaines always seems to make things better”

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Go team! Crew takes in his first football game, joining Mom and Dad for the Baylor University game against Abilene Christian over Labor Day weekend 2018.

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Such a cute moment, they share it twice!

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https://www.instagram.com/p/BmRHehojCdP/Chip Gaines/Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BmRHehojCdP/Chip Gaines/Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BmRHehojCdP/Chip Gaines/Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BmRHehojCdP/Chip Gaines/Instagram imagehttps://www.instagram.com/p/BmRHehojCdP/Chip Gaines/Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BmRHehojCdP/Chip Gaines/Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BmRHehojCdP/Chip Gaines/Instagram

“#thegoodoldays,” Chip writes alongside this snoozy snap.

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“Walked into this cuddlefest and my heart almost burst.” Same, Joanna, same.

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It’s not Mom, but Emmie Kay who reports for “snuggle time” in a super-sweet candid.

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“Me + Crew + Cookie = ❤️” is definitely an appropriate caption for the coziest family photo.

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“My heart is full,” Chip captions a shot of sleepy Crew at 3 weeks old.

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A garden stroll with Mom makes for another sweet snap on July 11.

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That face!

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The couple’s daughters are good at “taking turns” rocking in a hammock with their new baby bro.

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He’s already getting so big! At 2 weeks old, baby Crew finds a comfy spot in dad Chip’s lap in a Joanna Instagram that explains a family ritual.

“Chip started a tradition with Drake where he wore the hospital bracelet until it fell off… looks like the tradition lives on. #5,” she wrote.

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Crew settles nicely into his nursery, which features a cozy rocker that quickly sold out after Joanna shared this shot.

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In a July 3 Instagram story from Joanna, Crew goes “stargazing” in the family’s Waco, Texas backyard.

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Big sisters Emmie Kay and Ella show their new little bro around the homestead.

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It’s the best feeling in the world! Joanna curls up with her 3-day-old “cuddle bug” in a June 24 snap.

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The Gaineses announce Crew’s birth with this serene photo, shared two days after his “speedy” arrival.

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The new mom holds her littlest guy close not long after delivery.

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Party of 7! Chip and Joanna’s older kids, Duke, Drake, Ella and Emmie Kay, finally say hello to their new brother.

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