Maddie Ziegler on Kate Spade, Singing and a Dream Role

PARIS — Maddie Ziegler is the face of Kate Spade’s new fragrance, which is due out starting online at Ulta on Nov. 15. The 18-year-old dancer, actress and model shared with WWD some thoughts on her new role, singing and fashion.

WWD: What attracted you to the Kate Spade brand, to be a face of its next fragrance?

Maddie Ziegler: I’ve been a fan of Kate Spade for years, and have always been drawn to how joyful and feminine the brand is. I love how everything they do and create is a playful celebration — and when I started talking to them about this new fragrance, it was clear that this was the perfect partnership.

The fragrance itself is a great mix of a feminine fruity-floral scent and a modern bottle design, which I really responded to, and the campaign was just so much fun to film. The concept gave me a lot of freedom to put my own spin on the choreography — it was a true partnership between Kate Spade and myself.

WWD: Are you a longtime perfume lover, and what’s your first memory of fragrance?

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M.Z.: I’ve always loved perfume, and I never leave the house without it. I have always related a certain smell to a certain memory, so my first memory of fragrance was just seeing my mom have so many beautiful bottles of perfume. I always wanted to sneak in and spray a new one every day — it made me feel like a grownup.

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WWD: What’s one beauty secret you might share?

M.Z.: My favorite beauty secret always is “less is more.”

WWD: How did you find acting in Sia’s upcoming movie “Music,” and singing in the film?

M.Z.: Prepping for my role in “Music” was very challenging. I had to do so much research leading up to it. The best part was once everyone was on set — Kate [Hudson], Leslie [Odom Jr.] and I fully embodied the characters, and we attacked it straight on. Anyone that knows me knows that I am absolutely terrified of singing — it’s just not my thing, but I’d only do it for Sia.

WWD: How do you describe your fashion look, and to which brands are you drawn?

M.Z.: I always look for a mix of style and function. I’m typically on-the-go, so I look for pieces that help me feel put together, without constricting me. I have been spending a lot more time at home these days, as is everyone, so lately I’m dressing more for comfort, but still need to look Zoom-ready at a moment’s notice.

I’ve been a Kate Spade shopper for years….I look for pieces that have the day-to-day function I need, but still feel special, and Kate Spade really checks those boxes.

WWD: What’s a dream project for you that you’ve not yet gotten to try but would like to some day?

M.Z.: I’ve always wanted to play a woman assassin, weirdly enough. One of my dream roles is heavily influenced by Natalie Portman’s performance in “The Professional.” I think learning how to do combat fighting/martial arts would be such a fun experience.

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