Hair Color Pops for Men’s Spring 2022 Collections in Paris

While the main trend in terms of grooming during the recent men’s ready-to-wear presentations for spring 2022 in Paris was natural, pops of color enlivened the looks at a handful of shows.

For Yohji Yamamoto, hairstylist Takuya Takagi added splashes of color to models’ hair, keeping in mind iPhone emojis.

“I look at the color of the model’s aura and try to match the visual impression of it with the hair color,” he explained. “I focus on characteristics of primary colors, such as blue for forest, peace, relief, and yellow for sunflower and energy.”

Mr. Saturday creative director Joey Gollish crafted his fashion collection around the theme of the Paris youth riots in 1986.

“I wanted to create something that was reminiscent of people’s look at the time — hair in their face and grungy, while also tapping into the history that created the moment,” he said. “Adding some color and a bit more expressive makeup to the collection was a nod to the New Romantics and Blitz Kids that preceded the acid house movement and Hacienda [nightclub]. To me it feels like a mix of the past and future.”

Over at Cool TM, hairstylist Rudy Martins gleaned inspiration from the fashion collection. “I wanted to respect the urban spirit of the clothes without making too much of a statement,” he said. “The casting also had a big influence on the hairstyles. I wanted to increase their ‘coolness’ by adding some edge — pink hair on one male model, hair beads on two others, texture on another, ’70s waves on some girls, etcetera.”

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Hair color also had a showing at presentations for brands including Facetasm, Gamut, Issey Miyake, Maison Mihara Yasuhiro, Phipps and KidSuper.

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