Blend It Again: Victoria Beckham Beauty to Debut for Fall/Winter 2019

LONDON — At last.
After collaborating with Estée Lauder on two limited-edition color cosmetics collections and dreaming of launching her own beauty brand, Victoria Beckham has gone and done it.
Victoria Beckham Beauty will launch as a pure digital native brand for fall/winter 2019, and be sold through Based in New York, the brand will be headed by the cofounder and chief executive officer Sarah Creal, who has 25 years’ experience in the beauty industry, working with companies such as Prada and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.
Most recently Creal served as head of global makeup development and marketing at Estée Lauder, where she'd worked with Beckham to create the successful Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder capsule collection. An announcement is expected today.
Beckham said the new brand, which will also have a wellness element, reinforces her overarching vision to empower women to feel “confident and strong in every aspect of their lives. I want to take care of women inside and out, providing them with the must-have items in makeup, skin care, fragrance and wellness that I feel I need in my own life.”
Beckham said she intends to promote the beauty products in the same way she does her clothing and accessories, speaking directly to consumers and fostering a sense of community via social media, and specifically Instagram, YouTube, and her brand's web site.
“I was going direct to the consumer with regards to fashion before I had a stand-alone store, so this isn’t new to me,” said Beckham, adding that it’s essential for her to have social media interactions that are true dialogues.
“Just like I spend so much time in the fitting room getting to know what my customers want to wear, I’m going to be asking women to tell me which products they want me to develop for them in the beauty and wellness arenas. It’s important for me to know what they want.”
Last month, Beckham had spoken enthusiastically about promoting her brand — in its entirety — on her new YouTube channel.
“It’s going to be everything from fashion to beauty. I am going to have cameras following me around whilst I am on the road, there will be styling, but also some humor, as it’s important to also have some fun with it,” she said during a walkthrough of her pre-fall 2019 collection in January.
Beckham plans to mark the launch of the channel with a party during London Fashion Week.
Creal described Beckham’s latest beauty venture as a natural move. She said the designer “has an innate love of beauty that started when she was very young, and has continued, unabated. This authenticity is going to infuse the entire business strategy, and because everything will be directly overseen by Victoria, the line will be elevated, and impeccably curated.”
The new brand is backed by NEO Investment Partners, an investor in the overall Victoria Beckham business. David Belhassen, founder of NEO, described the new venture as “an authentic and modern brand with high potential. Victoria and Sarah have the vision and drive to launch the most desirable beauty brand offering on the market.”
The company said that details of stockkeeping units, products, prices, and whether the focus would be on skin care or color cosmetics, would come at a later date.
There is no doubt that this collection will be a very personal one for the designer. In an interview in 2016 ahead of the first Lauder launch, Beckham said that she was very specific about what she wanted.
“It was about the must-have items that I felt everybody should have in their makeup bag, things that are really quite difficult to find because I know, I’ve searched,” said Beckham.
The aim of those collections was to deliver products people could immediately associate with her, “whether it’s a smoky eye, a nude lip or dewy skin. So I’ve been very honest, very true to myself. This has been something that I’ve wanted to do for so many years,” she said ahead of the 2016 launch.
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